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Instruction Manuals


Part No.Description
810-0003-EF48-Frame Pumps (English/French)
810-006148/56-Frame Executive, EX2, and Viper Pumps
810-0061-F48/56-Frame Executive, EX2, and Viper Pumps (French)
810-0109-EFSSVL56 Pump (English/French/Spanish)
810-0152Champion Pump
810-0166Replacement Pump Preparation for New Jacuzzi-Style Base
810-0177Euro Hi-Flo Pump Base Adapter Kit for ClearWater Base
810-0189-EFMotor Mount Base for CSA Hi-Flo and CSA Supreme Pumps
810-0190ProClean Manifold for Champion Pump
810-019956-Frame Executive Euro Pump
810-021656-Frame Viper Euro Pump
810-0226SMF Pump
810-0231Iron Might Pump
810-0272-EFSPower Defender 270 (Econo Flo 2.7HP) (VSA) (English/French/Spanish)
810-0440V-Green VSA Motor Manual
810-0455-EFSPower Defender 300 (Econo Flo 3.0HP) (VSA) (English/French/Spanish)
810-0455Power Defender 300 Motor Manual
810-0465-EFSPower Defender 300 (SVL 3.0HP) (PD-VSA300) (English/French/Spanish)
810-0470Power Defender 165/225/270 VS Pumps Pool Controller Installation Guide
810-0475V-Green VSA 165 Motor Manual
810-1165-EFSPower Defender 165 (Econo Flo 1.65) (VSA-165) (English/French/Spanish)
810-4800Universal Booster Pump
810-4810Power Defender Variable Speed Booster Pump
810-4120Power Defender 140 Manual
810-xxxxPower Defender 140 Motor Manual
810-xxxxPower Defender 165/270 Motor Manual

Filters & Filter Systems

Part No.Description
810-0035TWM Cartridge Filter System
810-0064-CClearWater II Cartridge Filter
810-0065ClearWater II D.E. Filter
810-0067ClearWater II D.E. Filter Deluxe System
810-0072-2ClearWater II Cartridge Filter Standard System
810-0072-2NClearWater II D.E. Filter Standard System
810-0074ClearWater II Cartridge Filter Deluxe System
810-0074-CEFCSA ClearWater II Cartridge Filter Deluxe System
810-0074-HPClearWater II Cartridge Filter Deluxe System
810-0076ClearWater II Cartridge Filter Standard System
810-0079ClearWater II D.E. Filter Standard System
810-0081ClearWater Sand Filter Deluxe System
810-0082-1ClearWater Sand Filter Standard System with One-Piece Base
810-0082-2ClearWater Sand Filter Standard System with One-Piece Base
810-0082-N2ClearWater Sand Filter Standard System with One-Piece Base
810-0092TWM Sand Filter Systems
810-0092HTWM Sand Filter Systems with Hose Package
810-0105ClearWater II D.E. Filter Cleaning
810-0118ClearWater Sand Filter
810-0131Crystal Water/Aqua Star D.E. Filter System
810-0133-EFSCrystal Water/Aqua Star Cartridge Filter System (English/French/Spanish)
810-0139Round Sand Filter
810-0154Oval Sand Filter
810-0154-EFOval Sand Filter System (English and French)
810-0155Carefree Sand Filter Standard System with Standard Fittings Package
810-0159Carefree Sand Filter Deluxe System
810-0161-EFSProClean Plus Cartridge Filter (English/French/Spanish)
810-0164Oval Sand Filter System with One-Piece Base
810-0164-FOval Sand Filter System with One-Piece Base (French)
810-0168Oval Sand Filter System with Modular Base
810-0174Crystal Water Bulkhead Gasket
810-0179Oval Sand Filter with Pump
810-0183ProClean Plus Cartridge Filter System
810-0183-NProClean Plus Cartridge Filter System with Champion Pump
810-0190Champion ProClean Manifold Installation
810-0198Crystal Water D.E. Replacement Grid and Manifold Assembly
810-0212-EFSClearWater II Lid and Handle Attachment (English/French)

Drains & Suctions

Part No.Description
810-0042Super Hi-Flo Suction – SPC-3 V & SPC-3M V
810-00468″ Anti-Vortex Main Drain
810-0193Super Hi-Flo Suction (SPC-3 V) with Vacuum Break
810-0194Hi-Flo Suction (SPC-2 V) with Vacuum Break
810-0195Super Maxi-Flo Suction
810-0196Hi-Flo Suction (SPC-2 V)
810-0197Skimmer Equalizer Suctions
810-021312″x12″ Grate and Frame
810-021718″x18″ Grate and Frame
810-0218Ultra Hi-Flo Suction
810-021924″ x 24″ Grate & Frame
810-0225Ultra Strip Drains
810-0230Diamond Strip Drains
810-025610″ Ultra Retro Suction Outlet
810-0257Ultra Retro Vinyl Suction Outlet 640-214x V
810-0258Ultra Drain 640-212x V
810-02645″ Ultra Flo Suction (640-393x V)
810-02655″ Ultra Flo Suction for Self-Contained Spas (640-393x VP & 640-394x VP)
810-0281Sand Filter Threaded Ring
810-1800Tru Flo Drain and Frame
810-477018″x18″ Grate and Frame
810-47909″ x 9″ Grate and Frame
810-5200640-52xx V – 5″ Designer Pro Series Suctions
810-82006″ Ultra Suction


Part No.Description
810-0007Handheld Jet
810-0008Mini Gunite Jets
810-0021Turbo Jet
810-00232 1/2″ Poly Gunite Jet (210-3700)
810-00382 1/2″ Straight Body Poly Storm Gunite Jet (210-3840)
810-0057Poly Gunite Niche
810-0117Power Storm Gunite Jets
810-0137River Jet
810-01802 1/2″ Poly Storm Gunite Jet (210-3710)
810-03362 1/2″ Power Storm Thread-In Gunite Jet (229-1200 & 229-1210)
810-03372 1/2″ Mini Storm Thread-In Gunite Jet (229-1000 & 229-1010)
810-03392 1/2″ Poly Storm Thread-In Gunite Jet (229-1110 & 229-1100)
810-9800Hydroball Carousel Jet


Part No.Description
810-00132 1/2″ Slide Valve
810-00661 1/2″ Multi-Port 7 Function Sand Filter Valve
810-0136Push/Pull Valve Lock for 2 1/2″ Slide Valve for Sand Filter
810-0176Side-Mount Multi-Port Valve
810-0187Lo-Profile Spa Drain Fill Valve (600-9101)
810-02703″ TruSeal Check Valves
810-02983″ TruSeal Diverter Valves

Skimmers & Skim Filters

Part No.Description
810-0002Spa Skimmers
810-000610 sq.ft. Spa Skim Filter
810-0031Front Access Skim Filter and Skimmer
810-0050Gunite Skimmer Test Loop Kit
810-0054Renegade Gunite Skimmer
810-0062TWM Skim Filter
810-0066-EFSReplacing a Multi-Port Valve on a Sand Filter (English/French)
810-0111Flo-Pro II Above Ground Skimmers

Chlorinators & Air Systems

Part No.Description
810-0029ClearWater In-Line Chlorinator
810-0037Santanna Air Blower

Speakers & Lighting

Part No.Description
810-0005Relamping Instructions for Front Access Lights
810-01246″ Pop-Up Silo Speaker System

Pool & Spa Controls

Part No.Description
810-0345OASIS Pool & Spa Control Wi-Fi Operation
810-0484OASIS Quick Start Guide
810-2110OASIS Pool & Spa Control
810-2130OASIS Wi-Fi Configuration Guide
810-0284NEO TP500 Spa Control TouchScreen
810-0284-SNEO TP500 Spa Control TouchScreen – Spanish
810-0284-FNEO TP500 Spa Control TouchScreen – French
810-0284-GNEO TP500 Spa Control TouchScreen – German
810-0284-ITNEO TP500 Spa Control TouchScreen – Italian
810-0284-NNEO TP500 Spa Control TouchScreen – Norwegian
810-0343NEO 1500 – Spa Control System
810-0343-SNEO 1500 – Spa Control System – Spanish
810-0343-FNEO 1500 – Spa Control System – French
810-0343-GNEO 1500 – Spa Control System – German
810-0343-ITNEO 1500 – Spa Control System – Italian
810-0343-NNEO 1500 – Spa Control System – Norwegian
810-1003NEO TP500 TouchScreen Service Manual Mode
810-1930NEO 2100 – Spa Control System
810-1930-SNEO 2100 – Spa Control System – Spanish
810-1930-FNEO 2100 – Spa Control System – French
810-1930-GNEO 2100 – Spa Control System – German
810-1930-ITNEO 2100 – Spa Control System – Italian
810-1930-NNEO 2100 – Spa Control System – Norwegian
810-1931NEO 2100 Swim Spa Insert
810-1940NEO 2100 – Spa Control System – Service Mode
810-1960NEO 2100.1100.1000_Quick Reference
810-1980NEO 1200 – Spa Control System
810-1981NEO Bluetooth Pairing
810-1982NEO Bluetooth Pairing Installation
810-1984NEO Wi-Fi Instructions
810-2110OASIS Pool and Spa Control Instructions
807-2035NEO 2100/1500/1100 – Spa Control Configurations Guide – 0917
810-1025Swim Spa Touchscreen Instructions
810-xxxxNEO Settings for Cold Climates


Part No.Description
810-0148Vac-Lock Fitting (600-220x)
810-0157-EFStart/Service Dial (600-4101) (English/French)
810-9010Floor Return 640-9000
810-9110AquaShapes Swim Jet System

Water Features

Part No.Description
810-466018″ Spillover Waterfall

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