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UltraClean Pro Sand Filter Replacement Parts (Discontinued 2015)

UltraClean Pro Sand Filter Replacement Parts

ItemsPart No.Description
1515-2041TB26" Sand Filter Body
2419-4201B2 1⁄2" Threaded Coupler (2 required)
3550-5410B2 1⁄2" Outlet Assembly
4550-5420B2 1⁄2" Inlet Assembly
5600-1500UCPB2 1⁄2" Slide Valve Assembly
6519-5310BSand Fill Guide
7519-5320BDiffuser Disbursement Basket Cap
8519-5370BTwist-Lock Lateral (12 required)
9519-5301BAccess Dome Cover
10872-2130DBTubing - 3⁄8" outer diameter x 32" height
11519-5330SCBDiffuser Disbursement Basket
12602-5310BSelf-Threading Drain Screen
13602-5301BDrain Screen Cap (2010 and earlier)
602-5321BDrain Screen Cap (new style - 2011)
14805-0339BN50BO-Ring (2 required)
15817-0001B2" Polyester Sock
16805-0224BO-Ring - Drain Screen Cap
18715-6011BAir Bleeder Plug
19805-0442BO-Ring - Access Dome Cover
20872-0046BMulti-Port Valve Clamp Kit with Nuts & Bolts
21672-5301BFilter Base
22830-3000BPressure Gauge
23600-4101BBezel Cover Assembly
24550-5430BBasket Assembly
25519-5421BSand Fill Cap


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