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Thread-In Gunite Jets Internals 6 Spoke

Power Storm Thread-In Gunite Internals

Part No.Jet TypeEyeballSizeStyleCase Qty.List (US $)
229-8630SMini-StormDirectional3 5⁄16"Plastic / Stainless Steel18021.23
229-8640SMini-StormRoto3 5⁄16"Plastic / Stainless Steel20025.71
229-8650SMini-StormTwin Roto3 5⁄16"Plastic / Stainless Steel20025.71
229-8660SMini-StormPulse Massage3 5⁄16"Plastic / Stainless Steel20027.35
229-8670SMini-StormGalaxy3 5⁄16"Plastic / Stainless Steel20021.76
229-8700SMini-StormMulti-Massage3 5⁄16"Plastic / Stainless Steel20021.76
229-0180SMini-StormRifled3 5⁄16"Plastic / Stainless Steel18037.77
229-9520SMini-StormTwister3 5⁄16"Plastic / Stainless Steel18025.71
229-8590SPoly StormDirectional3 5⁄8"Plastic / Stainless Steel10030.99
229-8570SPoly StormRoto3 5⁄8"Plastic / Stainless Steel10034.93
229-8580SPoly StormTwin Roto3 5⁄8"Plastic / Stainless Steel10034.93
229-3200SPoly StormPulse Massage3 5⁄8"Plastic / Stainless Steel10037.56
229-3210SPoly StormGalaxy3 5⁄8"Plastic / Stainless Steel10030.80
229-3220SPoly StormGalaxy Massage3 5⁄8"Plastic / Stainless Steel10037.56
229-3240SPoly StormMulti-Massage3 5⁄8"Plastic / Stainless Steel10030.99
224-5710SPoly StormAcupressure3 5⁄8"Plastic / Stainless Steel6534.93
229-1930SPoly StormRifled3 5⁄8"Plastic / Stainless Steel10030.99
229-9620SPoly StormTwister3 5⁄8"Plastic / Stainless Steel10034.93
229-7570SGPower StormDirectional5 1⁄4"Plastic / Stainless Steel4536.27
229-7580SGPower StormTwirl5 1⁄4"Plastic / Stainless Steel4536.27
229-7550SGPower StormRoto5 1⁄4"Plastic / Stainless Steel4542.18
229-7560SGPower StormTwin Roto5 1⁄4"Plastic / Stainless Steel4542.17
229-7590SGPower StormPulse Massage5 1⁄4"Plastic / Stainless Steel4547.44
229-7250SGPower StormMulti-Massage5 1⁄4"Plastic / Stainless Steel4536.27
224-6700SPower StormAcupressure5 1⁄4"Plastic / Stainless Steel4542.17
229-7700SGPower StormTwister5 1⁄4"Plastic / Stainless Steel4542.17
229-1980SGPower StormRifled5 1⁄4"Plastic / Stainless Steel4536.27

Note: All part numbers are for the new thread-in style jet internals
*To order snap-in internals; change the part number prefix to 212-xxxx

All 6-Spoke Storm Jets are available as Plastic / Stainless Steel or Two-Tone Plastic.Please call for Two-Tone Plastic part numbers and colors.

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Note: Products shown may be covered under patents US8458825 , CA2644557 , 5920925 , D574964 .