Designed, Engineered & Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Spa Accessories


  • Low profile design
  • Hose bib pulls out for easy access
  • Protective cover seals against all possible leak points
  • Optional metric adapter
  • Plumbs to 3/4" flex hose

Lo-Profile Spa Drain Fill Valve

Part No.DescriptionCase Quantity
600-9101Lo-Profile Drain Fill Valve Assembly50
600-9167Metric Hose Adapter with Gasket200
600-91013⁄4" Lo-Profile Drain Fill Valve Assembly50
600-9167Lo-Profile Drain Fill Valve Metric Adapter with Gasket200

Spa Drain and Fill Niche for Garden Hose Connection

Part No.DescriptionCase Quantity
640-20011" S - Spa Drain/Fill Valve Assembly - Black100
400-30311⁄2" Hose On/Off Spa Drain Valve with Niche75
400-30213⁄4" Hose On/Off Spa Drain Valve with Niche75

On/Off Valves for Garden Hose

Part No.DescriptionCase Quantity
400-20601⁄2" Hose On/Off Valve Assembly125
400-20703⁄4" Hose On/Off Valve Assembly125
400-21003⁄4" SB Hose On/Off Valve Assembly100
519-0231Drain Cap - 1⁄2" NHR100
806-0100Gasket - 3⁄4"50
872-0004Shut-Off Valve250
413-4400Adapter - 1⁄2" S x Male Garden Hose250
413-4410Adapter - 3⁄4" S x Male Garden Hose200

Clear Acrylic Hand Rails

Part No.DescriptionCase Quantity
616-110011" Clear Acrylic Hand Rail
616-130013" Clear Acrylic Hand Rail
616-140014" Clear Acrylic Hand Rail
616-160016" Clear Acrylic Hand Rail
616-180018" Clear Acrylic Hand Rail
616-200020" Clear Acrylic Hand Rail
611-4800Rubber Grommet (no angle)
611-7000Rubber Grommet


  • Provides easy access to cabinets
  • Fits most types of cabinet doors and panels
  • Easy installation Specifications:
  • Niche 1 1/2" Hole Saw Size
  • Threaded Flush Mount Insert 23/64" Hole Saw Size 6MM Drive Size
  • Material ABS Black Niche and Handle Stainless Steel 1/4 - 20 Screw Die Cast Zinc Alloy Threaded Flush Mount Insert

Cabinet Latch

Part No.DescriptionCase Quantity
675-3031Cabinet Latch, Niche and Flush Mount Insert Assy1000


  • Easily mounts onto most T&G skirt panels
  • Louvered vent protects against weather and rodent intrusion
  • Handle allows for easy removal of skirt panels
  • Measures 3.5" x 6.25"

Spa Handle Vent

Part No.DescriptionColorCase Quantity
672-6511Louvered Spa Vent AssemblyBlack100


  • LED Corner Sconce Light
  • Corner Spa Vent
  • Fits most corners of spas
  • Accepts most LED points of light
  • Available in Black or Clear SPECIFICATIONS:
  • 3.5 Sq. In. of Vent Area
  • Made of ASA Black or Clear
  • Polyester Materials
  • Fits Best with 3" Radius Corners

LED Spa Vent/Sconce Light

Part No.DescriptionColorCase Quantity
675-3401LED Spa Vent/Sconce LightBlack
675-3408LED Spa Vent/Sconce LightClear


  • Automatically adjusts to temperature change: Closed for cold or freezing conditions; Open for hot conditions
  • Easy through-wall installation
  • Louvered grill to protect against weather and rodent intrusion
  • Hole Saw Size: 4"

Adjustable Thermo Vent

Part No.DescriptionColorCase Quantity
675-6531Adjustable Thermo VentBlack30
675-6537Adjustable Thermo VentGray30


  • 4 ¾" overall diameter
  • 4" diameter hole saw and vent area
  • 0.100" diameter holes (148) for improved ventilation
  • Available in assorted colors

4" Vent

Part No.DescriptionColorCase Quantity
672-0609-DSG4" Round VentDSG300

Spa Cabinet Vents

Part No.DescriptionColorCase Quantity
675-6501Spa Vent Assembly - 2 5⁄16" x 8 1⁄2"Black150
675-6509-BRKSpa Vent Assembly - 2 5⁄16" x 8 1⁄2"Bark150
675-6509-CHCSpa Vent Assembly - 2 5⁄16" x 8 1⁄2"Charcoal150