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SmartClean Sand Filter – Top Mount (Discontinued 2015)

SmartClean Sand Filter -Top Mount Replacement Parts

ItemPart No.DescriptionList (US $)
1515-2041TB26" SmartClean Sand Filter Body**
2602-5310BSelf-Threading Drain Screen6.36
3711-5310BDrain Cap Gasket**
4602-5301BDrain Screen Cap (2010 and earlier)5.85
602-5321BDrain Screen Cap (new style - 2011)5.85
5672-5301BSmartClean Sand Filter Base86.25
7872-0046BMulti-Port Valve Clamp Kit with Nuts & Bolts24.17
8805-0442BO-Ring - Multi-Port Valve11.66
9550-5340BTop Mount Lateral and Manifold Assembly - 26"**
550-5370BTop Mount Lateral and Manifold Assembly - 32"**
11WVS004BTop Mount Clamp Style - 2" FPT**

** Please request price quote.