Designed, Engineered & Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Renegade Venturi In-Ground Skimmers

The skimmer is a very important part of the filtration system on a swimming pool. The skimmer is permanently installed to skim the top of the pool to collect dirt and debris before they have a chance to sink to the bottom of the pool. The Waterway Renegade Venturi Skimmer has the latest in high tech features and "Service- Ease" design making this the ultimate pool skimmer!


  • By using a Venturi, this skimmer doubles the cleaning power without increasing energy costs
  • Massive 9" deep basket (twice the size of standard skimmer baskets), can hold 289 cubic inches of debris
  • Basket and vacuum plate lock into place instead of floating up when the pump is off
  • Weir door is spring-loaded for easy removal – no screws
  • NSF approved for 75 GPM – highest in the industry
The Waterway Venturi Skimmer pulls as much water as the pump, doubling the skimming action while NOT increasing energy costs.

Renegade Gunite Venturi In-Ground Skimmer

Part No.DescriptionColorList (US $)
540-5300*2" SocketWhite281.15
540-53012" SocketBlack295.21
540-53072" SocketGray295.21
540-5309-BEI2" SocketBeige295.21
540-5300-9B2" SocketWhite/Beige Lid228.10


Renegade Vinyl Liner Venturi In-Ground Skimmer

Part No.DescriptionColorList (US $)
540-57002" SocketWhite327.00
540-5710*2" Socket with Wide MouthWhite373.71
540-57172" Socket with Wide MouthGray383.06


Renegade Gunite In-Ground Skimmer - Deep Basket without Venturi

Part No.DescriptionColorList (US $)
540-5310*2" SocketWhite219.08
540-53112" SocketBlack231.96
540-53172" SocketGray231.96
540-5319-BEI2" SocketBeige231.96
540-5310-9B2" SocketWhite/Beige Lid219.08
540-53202" Socket with Float ValveWhite246.79


Renegade Vinyl Liner In-Ground Skimmer - Deep Basket without Venturi

Part No.DescriptionColorList (US $)
540-5720*2" SocketWhite253.69
540-5730*2" Socket with Wide MouthWhite293.17
540-57372" Socket with Wide MouthGray304.46