Designed, Engineered & Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Renegade Gunite and Venturi / Deep Basket Skimmers

Renegade Gunite In-Ground Skimmer Replacement Parts

ItemPart No.DescriptionList (US $)
1519-6460BBlank Lid Insert**
2819-0005BScrew #8-32 x 7⁄16" Phil Pan Head (2 required)**
3519-6450BLid - White28.38
3a540-6470WWBLid with Logo Insert25.81
4519-6420BLid Mounting Ring with Insert - White25.65
5519-6570BMounting Ring Extension14.52
6519-3250BBasket Handle3.49
7519-3240BBasket - 8.12" diameter x 5.25" H12.45
7a542-3240BBasket Assembly with Handle16.30
8550-995xBWeir Door Assembly**
9865-0200BWeir Door Foam2.11
10819-4350BScrew #8 x 5⁄₈" PNHD Phil.**
11519-6470BDiverter Plate6.47

Renegade Venturi and Deep Basket Skimmer Replacement Parts

ItemPart No.DescriptionList (US $)
1542-9600BVenturi Basket Assembly - 8.12" diameter x 9.0" H27.40
2542-9610BVenturi Nozzle Fitting Assembly**
3519-9650B2" Outlet Port**

** Please request price quote.