Designed, Engineered & Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Renegade Bonded Skimmers


  • Includes models for Gunite, Fiberglass, Vinyl and Commercial Pools
  • Our Bonded Skimmers can be used on both residential and commercial swimming pools
  • Industry leading NSF flow rating of 75 GPM
  • Available in White & Gray USL/CNL – Bonding Kit, Model BK2200 Tested, Certified and Listed By UL to the requirements of UL 1081, UL 1563 and CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 218.1Certified to meet Article 680.26(c) in the NEC for bonding pool/spa water.

Renegade Vinyl Bonded Skimmers

Part #DescriptionColorList (US$)
541-8400Standard 2" SocketWhite
541-8407Standard 2" SocketGray
541-8500Wide Mouth 2" Socket 9" ThroatWhite
541-8507Wide Mouth 2" Socket 9" ThroatGray

Renegade Gunite Bonded Skimmers

Part #DescriptionColorList (US$)
541-64102.5"Spg x 2"S x 2"NPT AssemblyWhite
541-64172.5"Spg x 2"S x 2"NPT AssemblyGray

Commercial NSF Bonded Skimmer

Part #DescriptionList (US$)
541-6200Bonded Commercial Renegade Gunite Skimmer w/ Equalizer 2.5" Spg x 2"S x 2" NPT Assembly

1-Piece Fiberglass Bonded Skimmers

Part #DescriptionColorList (US$)
541-86102" SocketWhite
541-86172" SocketGray

Part #DescriptionList (US$)
519-6480-R1Gunite Vacuum Plate (NEW - Snap- In)
540-6500Skimmer Test Loop Kit
519-6560Mounting Extension Ring - White
519-6567Mounting Extension Ring - Gray