Designed, Engineered & Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Pole Holders

Volleyball Pole Holders

Part No.DescriptionColorCase WeightCase QuantityList (US $)
540-6700Volleyball Pole Holder AssemblyWhite20.95 lbs.35 (indiv.)25.00
540-6701Volleyball Pole Holder AssemblyBlack20.95 lbs.35 (indiv.)25.93
540-6707Volleyball Pole Holder AssemblyGray20.95 lbs.35 (indiv.)25.93
540-6709-BEIVolleyball Pole Holder AssemblyBeige20.95 lbs.35 (indiv.)25.93
519-6700Body OnlyWhite22.37 lbs.5012.49
519-6710Flange OnlyWhite16.76 lbs.25010.19
519-6711Flange OnlyBlack16.76 lbs.25010.19
519-6717Flange OnlyGray16.76 lbs.25010.19
519-6719-BEIFlange OnlyBeige16.76 lbs.25010.19
400-4140Flush Plug 1 1⁄2" MPT with GasketWhite6.68 lbs.100 (indiv.)2.96
400-4141Flush Plug 1 1⁄2" MPT with GasketBlack6.68 lbs.100 (indiv.)3.28
400-4147Flush Plug 1 1⁄2" MPT with GasketGray6.68 lbs.100 (indiv.)3.28
400-4149-BEIFlush Plug 1 1⁄2" MPT with GasketBeige6.68 lbs.100 (indiv.)3.28
540-6710Flange and Plug AssemblyWhite16.84 lbs.15013.17
540-6711Flange and Plug AssemblyBlack16.84 lbs.15013.50
540-6717Flange and Plug AssemblyGray16.84 lbs.15013.50
540-6719-BEIFlange and Plug AssemblyBeige16.84 lbs.15013.50