Designed, Engineered & Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Ozone Cluster & Universal Cluster Jet Body

Ozone Cluster Jet Body Assemblies

Part No.DescriptionCase Quantity
211-0380Cluster Ozone Straight Jet Body; 1⁄2" Slip X 3⁄8" SB250
212-0090Ell Cluster Ell Jet Body; 3⁄4" RB X 3⁄8" RB with Nozzle200
212-0540Ell Body - No Air x ¾" S Water with Nozzle180
212-0550Ell Body - 3⁄₈" B Air x ¾" SB Water with Nozzle180
212-0590Ell Body - 3⁄₈" RB Air x ¾" S Water with Nozzle180
212-0690Ell Cluster Jet Body; 3⁄4" SB X 3⁄8" SB with Kraton L-Gasket180

Universal Cluster Jets

Part No.DescriptionCase Quantity
212-0500Universal Cluster Jet Body Assembly - 3⁄4" RB x 90° Ell - Flat Gasket200

Euro Blaster Jet Body and Wall Fitting Assembly

Part No.DescriptionCase Quantity
212-4159-DSG¾" RB x 3⁄₈" SB - ½" Orifice - 25 GPM @ 15 PSI200

Cluster Jet Accessories

Part No.DescriptionCase Quantity
711-9870Cluster/Ozone Flat Gasket500
711-9860Cluster Grommet Gasket500
711-4070Cluster Gasket with O-ring Rib500