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Off-Line and Above Ground Chlorinators Replacement Parts

Off-Line Chlorinator Replacement Parts

ItemPart No.Description
2805-0340VBO-Ring - Lid
4600-1151BBottom Check Valve Assembly
5600-0101BOff-Line Valve Assembly
6872-2240B3⁄8" inner diameter x 1⁄2" outer diameter Tubing (per ft.)
7872-2291B3⁄8" Hose Clamp
8872-0011B2 1⁄2" Hose Clamp - Stainless Steel
9425-1181B3⁄8" Pipe Adapter

Above Ground In-Line Chlorinator Replacement Parts

ItemPart No.Description
2805-0348VBO-Ring - Lid
3519-1250BFilter Screen - 1 1⁄2"
4411-1170B90° Elbow - 1⁄4"
5600-1180BCheck Valve Assembly
6400-5461B1 1⁄2" Split-Nut Union Assembly (with Screws)
7600-1207BDial Stem Assembly
7A805-0124VBO-Ring - Stem Assembly
7B805-0118VBO-Ring - Stem Assembly
8400-9820BChlorinator Fitting - 1 1⁄2" Sub Assembly

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