Designed, Engineered & Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Micro Components



    • Micro sized (Just 1 1/4" in diameter)
    • Ultra-easy to install (Just drill hole press in grommet, then jet)
    • Triple Purpose Micro Jet/Water Rope Feature/Air Injector
    • Micro Fan Feature
    • Multiple body options (Including no body option)
    • Available with Stainless Steel Escutcheon
    • LED versions optional
    • Very cost efficient

    Designed for both ultra-low cost and ease of assembly, Waterway's new Micro Components offers stimulating performance when used as a jet and an amazing display when used as a water feature.

    Micro Components

    Part No.DescriptionCase QuantityList (US $)
    425-40303⁄8" SB Straight Adapter5000.96
    425-6000Micro 90˚ Ell Adapter, 3⁄8"1.31
    425-6018Micro Angle Adapter, 3⁄8" w/LED1.72
    425-6038Micro Jet Venturi, Same Side, 3⁄8" SB w/LED1.55
    670-2580SGMS 1 1⁄4" Micro Water Feature Fan Spray, Plastic, Assy2.58
    670-2580SSGMS 1 1⁄4" Micro Water Feature Fan Spray, Metal, Assy4.64
    670-2700SGMS 1 1⁄4" Micro Jet/WF/Injector, Plastic, Assy2.58
    670-2700SSGMS 1 1⁄4" Micro Jet/WF/Injector, Metal, Assy3.94