Designed, Engineered & Manufactured in the U.S.A.

LED Water Features


  • Utilizes built-in spa reservoir for water housing
  • Sleek, simplistic design
  • Adjustable flow control
  • Available with glamorous LED feature
  • Now top accessible

12" and 18" Spillover Waterfall

Part No.DescriptionCase QuantityList (US $)
675-5330Adjustable 12" Spillover Waterfall197.58
675-5330LAdjustable 12" LED Spillover Waterfall1115.15
675-5300Adjustable 18" Spillover Waterfall1119.42
675-5300LAdjustable 18" LED Spillover Waterfall1136.50
675-5280Non Adjustable 18" Spillover Waterfall1101.44
675-5280LNon Adjustable 18" LED Spillover Waterfall1118.52
TW02712" Spillover Waterfall Negative Mold Insert1117.09
TW02518" Spillover Waterfall Negative Mold Insert1156.14

LED Water Features

Part No.DescriptionCase QuantityList (US $)
675-4008L6" LED Aqua Fall5050.08
675-4908L8" Low Profile LED Aqua Fall4093.74
210-9200Flush Mount LEDWater Feature10064.14
210-9318SStandard Rope Water Feature, 3⁄4 SB10038.39
210-9278SFountain Water Feature, 3⁄4 SB10038.39
210-9288SSlotted Water Feature, 3⁄4 SB10038.39
210-9308SStandard Rope Water Feature, 3⁄4 RB10038.39
210-9258SFountain Water Feature, 3⁄4 RB10038.39
210-9268SSlotted Water Feature, 3⁄4 RB10038.39
210-9980SFlush Mount Water Feature - Eclipse - Metal10037.27

Also available in plastic.