Designed, Engineered & Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Insert Inlet Eyeball Fitting & In-Floor Return

Available in:

  • White
  • Gray
  • Dark Gray
  • Black

Insert Inlet Eyeball Fittings - 1 1/2"

Part No.DescriptionColorCase WeightCase Quantity
400-1420DB3⁄4" Eyeball Opening (bagged)White8 lbs.75 (indiv.)
400-1420EB1" Eyeball Opening (bagged)White7.7 lbs.75 (indiv.)
400-1420D3⁄4" Eyeball OpeningWhite8.29 lbs.75 (bulk)
400-1421D3⁄4" Eyeball OpeningBlack8.29 lbs.75 (bulk)
400-1427D3⁄4" Eyeball OpeningGray8.29 lbs.75 (bulk)
400-1429D-DK3⁄4" Eyeball OpeningDark Gray8.14 lbs.75 (bulk)
400-1420E1" Eyeball OpeningWhite8.36 lbs.75 (bulk)
400-1421E1" Eyeball OpeningBlack8.12 lbs.75 (bulk)
400-1427E1" Eyeball OpeningGray7.85 lbs.75 (bulk)
400-1429E-DK1" Eyeball OpeningDark Gray8.12 lbs.75 (bulk)
400-1420ASlotted OpeningWhite8 lbs.75 (bulk)
400-1427ASlotted OpeningGray8 lbs.75 (bulk)
400-1429A-DKSlotted OpeningDark Gray8 lbs.75 (bulk)


  • Comes with 2" Socket and 1 1/2" Reducer Fitting

In-Floor Return

Part No.DescriptionColor
640-9000Floor ReturnWhite
640-9007Floor ReturnGray