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In-Line Chlorinators Replacement Parts

New Style In-Line Chlorinator (2007 and Later) Replacement Parts

ItemPart No.Description
1519-1160BCap, Lid - In Line Chlorinator
6515-1170BUpper Body, Chlorinator
7600-1287BFlow Valve Assembly
8421-4070BReducer Bushing 2" SPG x1 1⁄2" S
9600-1290Chlorinator II Check Valve
10411-1170B90° Elbow - 1⁄4" Pipe
11519-1400Chlorinator II Grill

In-Line Chlorinator (2002 - 2007) Replacement Parts

ItemPart No.Description
2805-0348VBLid O-Ring
4411-1170B90° Elbow - 1⁄4" Pipe
5600-1180BFlow Valve Assembly
6600-1190BStem Assembly with O-Ring

In-Line Chlorinator (2002 and Previous) Replacement Parts

ItemPart No.Description
2805-0340VBO-Ring - Lid
3319-0041BFilter Screen
4600-0051BValve Stem Assembly
5421-4070BReducer - 1 1⁄2" Socket x 2" Spigot
6400-0021B (DISCONTINUED)Elbow Assembly - 1⁄2" NPT x 1⁄2" Barb
7872-2290B1⁄2" Hose Clamp
8519-7361B3" Flex Hose
9550-2120BCoupler Assembly
10550-2130BBromine Conversion Assembly for 1" Tablets

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