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Hi-Flo & Hi-Flo II Side Discharge Pump

Hi-Flo Side Discharge Pump Replacement Parts

ItemPart No.DescriptionList (US $)
1319-4100Lid & Nut & O-ring - 6" Trap46.45
1a805-0436BO-Ring - 6" Trap Lid4.61
3319-3230B6" Trap Basket Assembly with Handle20.14
4715-1201B3⁄₈" Quarter Slot Drain Plug3.60
5805-0112BO-Ring - Drain Plug1.45
6319-2170B6" Trap Body - 1 1⁄2" FPT/ 1 1⁄2" Buttress x 2" Union Flange53.50
7400-5161B2" Split Nut with Screw4.80
8711-4010B2" Union Gasket1.57
9819-1110BScrew (8 required)2.40
10311-2140B2" Intake Side Discharge Faceplate43.75
11805-0256BO-Ring - Faceplate6.38
13310-3990B3⁄4 HP Impeller Assembly31.66
310-4000B1 HP Impeller Assembly31.69
310-4010B1 1⁄2 HP Impeller Assembly31.71
310-4030B2 HP Impeller Assembly31.71
14319-3100BPump Seal Kit - Viton26.10
15315-2500BVolute Housing - Side Discharge**
18741-CGGZ-67RB3 ft. Electrical Cord - Regular Plug46.91
741-CGGZ-37LB3 ft. Electrical Cord - Twist-Lock Plug44.83

Hi-Flo II Side Discharge Pump Replacement Parts

ItemPart No.DescriptionList (US $)
4715-4020B3⁄₈" Quarter Slot Drain Plug2.96
10311-2170B2" Intake Side Discharge Faceplate40.53
11805-0158BO-Ring - Faceplate**
13310-8000B1⁄2 HP Impeller Assembly30.87
310-8010B3⁄4 HP Impeller Assembly31.04
310-8020B1 HP Impeller Assembly30.87
310-8030B1 1⁄2 HP Impeller Assembly31.04
310-8040B2 HP Impeller Assembly30.99
14319-3090BPump Seal Kit - Viton26.10
15315-2520BVolute Housing - Side Discharge**

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