Designed, Engineered & Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Displays & Brochures


Part No.Description
150-0020Executive 56 Frame Pump Cutaway
150-0010Vinyl Liner Builder's Pack
150-0031RSupreme Pump - 90° Right, 3 Ft. Twist Lock Cord
150-0045150 Sq. Ft. Pro Clean Plus Cartridge Cutaway
150-0050SVL Cutaway
150-0100ProClean Plus 100 Display
150-0110Sweep Ell Display
150-0130TruSeal & Swing Valve Display
150-0157ClearWater II D.E. 12 Sq. Ft. 44 GPM Filter Cutaway - Gray
150-0165Power Defender 165 (1.65HP) Pump Display
150-ECONOVSPower Defender 270 (2.7HP) Pump Display
150-0180River Swim Jet
150-0200200 Sq. Ft. Pro Clean Cartridge Filter Cutaway
150-0237Carefree Sand Filter 22" Cutaway
150-0247ClearWater Sand Filter 19" Cutaway - Gray
150-0277Carefree Sand Filter 26" Cutaway
150-0280RHi-Flo II 90° Right - 3 Ft. NEMA Display
150-0290SMF Pump Display
150-0320Poly Storm Gunite Jet Display with Tee Body Thread-in
150-0330Power Storm Gunite Jet Display with Tee Body Thread-in
150-0340Mini Storm Gunite Jet Display with Tee Body Thread-in
150-0360Gunite Storm Jet Internal Display - Power, Poly & Mini Thread-in
150-0420Carefree Oval Sand Filter 19" Cutaway w/Dummy Motor
150-0437Carefree Oval Sand Filter 22" Cutaway, 1.5 HP, 3 Ft. Twist Lock Cord
150-0460Carefree Oval Sand Filter 22" Cutaway, Sub Assembly
150-0730Flex PVC Sample Kit
150-1000Santanna II Blower Display
150-1010Santanna II Blower - Working Display
150-1507ClearWater 150 Sq. Ft. Cartridge Filter Cutaway - Gray
150-1527ClearWater 150 Sq. Ft. Cartridge Filter, Supreme Motor, 3 Ft. NEMA Cord
150-1537Clearwater 150 Sq. Ft. Cartridge Filter, Supreme Motor, 3 Ft. Twist Lock Cord
150-1547Clearwater 150 Sq. Ft. Cartridge Filter, Hi-Flo Motor, 3 Ft. NEMA Cord
150-1600VGB Drains Display Board - 6" / 8" / 10" / 9" x 9" / 12" x 12" / 18" x 18"
150-1770Spa Suction Display I
150-1780Spa Suction Display II
150-201736 Sq. Ft. D.E. Crystal Water Cutaway Filter - Gray
150-202760 Sq. Ft. D.E. Crystal Water Cutaway Filter - Gray
150-2037325 Sq. Ft. Cartridge Crystal Water Cutaway - Gray
150-2047525 Sq. Ft. Cartridge Crystal Water Cutaway - Gray
150-2057425 Sq. Ft. Cartridge Crystal Water Cutaway - Gray
150-206748 Sq. Ft. D.E. Crystal Water Cutaway Filter
150-3410GGunite Jet, 3 Jet Manifold Straight Body Display
150-3600Gunite Poly Jet Display Threaded Bodies Only (8)
150-4000Pipe Extender / Insider Coupler Display
150-8090Hi-Flo II Pump Display
150-8150Smart Filtration 10VS 24 - 11 x 17
150-8160Smart Filtration OP Cost 11 x 17
150-8170Skimmer Display Stand
150-C012-WChlorinator In-Line Display - White
150-8700Booster Pump Display


Part No.Description
150-8010SVL56 Pump
150-8010-FSVL56 Pump - Spanish
150-8010-SSVL56 Pump - Spanish
150-8050ClearWater II Chlorinator
150-8050-SClearWater II Chlorinator - Spanish
150-8050-FClearWater II Chlorinator - French
150-8070Hi-Flo II Pump
150-8120ClearWater II Cartridge Deluxe Systems
150-8130ClearWater Sand Deluxe Systems
807-0024Crystal Water D.E. Filter
807-0024SCrystal Water D.E. Filter - Spanish
807-0025Crystal Water Cartridge Filter
807-0025-FCrystal Water Cartridge Filter - French
807-0025-SCrystal Water Cartridge Filter - Spanish
807-0028Carefree Sand Filter
807-0028-SCarefree Sand Filter - Spanish
807-0036Renegade Venturi Gunite Skimmer
807-0042Champion Pump
807-0042FChampion Pump - French
807-0042SChampion Pump - Spanish
807-0044ProClean Plus Cartridge Filter
807-0044-FProClean Plus Cartridge Filter - French
807-0044-SProClean Plus Cartridge Filter - Spanish
807-0055TWM Sand Systems
807-0056ClearWater II D.E. Systems (Standard & Deluxe)
807-0057TWM Cartridge Filter Systems
807-0059Viper Pump
807-0059-FViper Pump - French
807-0062-SPAShurFlex Pool & Spa Hose - Spa Specifications
807-0062-POOLShurFlex Pool & Spa Hose - Pool Specifications
807-0068EX2 Pump
807-0075ClearWater Sand Standard Systems
807-0078Renegade Gunite Skimmer
807-0089Carefree Sand Filter Standard & Deluxe Systems
807-0095ClearWater II Cartridge Standard Systems
807-0097VGB Drains & Suctions
807-0100SMF Pump
807-0100-FRSMF Pump - French
807-0100-SSMF Pump - Spanish
807-0107TWM-30 Series Cartridge & Sand Systems
807-0116ACrystal Water Hang Tag Assembly (with tie)
807-0120Pool Products Worksheet 2017
807-0125Storm Jets - Orion/Eclipse/Reverse Eclipse
807-0128Power Defender SVL Variable Speed (300)
807-0183Power Defender Variable Speed Booster Pump
807-0184Power Defender Exec VS & EX2 VS Spa Pumps
807-0186Power Defender High Performance EX2 Spa Pump
807-0187Power Defender_2 Pole_6 Pole Spa Pumps
807-0188Power Defender Viper VS Spa Pump
807-0352Spa Steps
807-0352-FSpa Steps - French
807-0354Pump Cross-Reference w/Adjustable Base
807-1021Power Defender 165 / 270 / 300 VS Pool Pumps
807-1021-FPower Defender 165 / 270 / 300 VS Pool Pumps - French
807-1022MIniStorm, PolyStorm & PowerStorm Thread-in Gunite Jets
807-1111TruSeal Check & Diverter Valves
807-2010Booster Pump
807-2030NEO 2100 Spa Control
807-2030-FNEO 2100 Spa Control - French
807-2031NEO 1500 Spa Control
807-2031-FNEO 1500 Spa Control - French
807-2032NEO 1200 Spa Control
807-2032-FNEO 1200 Spa Control - French
807-2033OASIS Pool Pool & Spa Control
807-2035NEO 2100_1500_1200_Configurations
807-8410Santanna II - Stealth II Blowers