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CSA Supreme Pump

CSA Supreme Pump Replacement Parts

ItemPart No.DescriptionList (US $)
1511-1310BTrap Lid65.80
2805-0439BO-Ring #4398.09
3319-1530BTrap Basket21.84
4319-1540BC-Clip for Poop Pump12.99
5319-1510BTrap Body255.03
6805-0112BO-Ring - Drain Plug1.45
7715-1201B3⁄₈" Quarter Slot Plug3.60
8819-0800BScrew #12 x 1" Self-Tapping Pan Head Phillips (8 required)0.99
9805-0330BO-Ring #2-3301.73
11805-0001-SPLBO-Ring Faceplate**
12310-5080B3⁄4 HP Impeller Assembly39.41
310-5090B1 HP Impeller Assembly39.41
310-5100B1 1⁄2 HP Impeller Assembly39.41
13319-3010BPump Seal Kit - Viton**
15319-1560BVolute Cosmetic Cover**
16319-3500BCSA Body Enclosure59.66
18865-0800BFoam Ring**
19319-3510BCSA Motor End Back Cover19.46
20815-4011BHi-Off-Lo Toggle Switch14.03
21819-9002BScrew (3 required) #12 x 3⁄4" Phillips0.71
22813-0025BStrain Relief Plug**
23741-CGGZ-257RB25 ft. NEMA Cord**
24675-1500BCSA Pump Base, Supreme and Hi Flo Pump**

** Please request price quote.