Designed, Engineered & Manufactured in the U.S.A.

CSA ProClean Plus Single Cartridge Filter Systems

This system is our Pro-Clean Plus in-ground pool filter with Waterway's above-ground CSA Hi-Flo II or CSA Supreme Pump for an exceptional aboveground system.


  • Raised inlet for clean easy plumbing
  • Top-mounted pressure gauge for easy reading
  • “Start-Service” dial on pressure gauge to inform user when it is time to service
  • Extra-large air relief
  • Drain accepts a standard hose for easy drainage
Pumps and replacement motors that are single speed and one (1) total HP or greater cannot be sold, offered for sale, or installed in a residential pool for filtration use in California, Title 20 CCR sections 1601-1609.

CSA ProClean Plus Single Cartridge Filter Systems - Hi-Flo II 1-Speed Pump

Part No.FilterFiltration AreaPumpHPList (US $)
520-6000-C25SPCCF-07575 sq. ft.PHC1100-251.01,180.87
520-6115-C25SPCCF-100100 sq. ft.PHC1150-251.51,549.51
520-6215-C25SPCCF-125125 sq. ft.PHC1150-251.51,622.04
520-6315-C25SPCCF-150150 sq. ft.PHC1150-251.51,694.51
520-6415-C25SPCCF-175175 sq. ft.PHC1150-251.51,895.61
520-6515-C25SPCCF-200200 sq. ft.PHC1150-251.52,025.41
520-6520-C25SPCCF-200200 sq. ft.PHC1200-252.02,145.53

CSA ProClean Plus Single Cartridge Filter Systems - Supreme 1-Speed Pump

Part No.FilterFiltration AreaPumpHPList (US $)
FPSC10010-25SPCCF-100100 sq. ft.PSPC1100-251.01,473.91
FPSC10015-25SPCCF-100100 sq. ft.PSPC1150-251.51,688.24
FPSC12515-25SPCCF-125125 sq. ft.PSPC1150-251.51,767.35
FPSC15015-25SPCCF-150150 sq. ft.PSPC1150-251.51,846.43
FPSC17515-25SPCCF-175175 sq. ft.PSPC1150-251.52,046.12
FPSC20015-25SPCCF-200200 sq. ft.PSPC1150-251.52,207.40
FPSC20020-25SPCCF-200200 sq. ft.PSPC1200-252.02,316.16