Designed, Engineered & Manufactured in the U.S.A.

ClearWater VS Chlorinator

Advanced design ClearWater VS in-line automatic chlorinator creates a tablet saturation when using variable speed pumps at all speeds. 


  • Now with 100% shut-off valve
  • Easy to read accurate control valve
  • Large chamber body (White or Clear)
  • Check valve to prevent back flow into chlorinator
  • 2" socket x 2.5" spigot (1.5" socket reducers included)
  • Enclosed internal saturation tube - provides optimal flow across chlorine tablets
  • Twelve (12) tablet capacity
  • Available in white or clear
  • Extra Large water intake

In-Line Chlorinators

Part No.DescriptionColorCase WeightCase QuantityWeight (lbs)
CLC012-WIn-Line - 12 tablet feeder - 2" socket (includes 1 1⁄2" socket reducer)White38 lbs.15
550-6700In-Line chlorinator mounting bracket (fits waterway above ground filter systems)Black28.27 lbs.3029