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ClearWater Sand Filter Replacement Parts

ClearWater Sand Filter Replacement Parts

ItemPart No.Description
1505-0161B16" Sand Filter Body with Threaded Sleeve Assembly
505-0191B19" Sand Filter Body with Threaded Sleeve Assembly
505-0221B22" Sand Filter Body with Threaded Sleeve Assembly
505-0261B26" Sand Filter Body with Threaded Sleeve Assembly
2672-7211BModular Filter Base
3WVS002BMulti-Port Valve Assembly - Clamp Style (2001 and Earlier)
3bWVS003BMulti-Port Valve Assembly - Split-Nut Style (2002 to Present)
4830-3000BPressure Gauge
5711-1920BCollar Gasket (for Clamp Style) (2001 and Earlier)
5b805-0435BO-Ring - Multi-Port Valve (for Split-Nut Style)
6505-2070BCollar Assembly - Clamp Style (2001 and Earlier)
6b505-3000BThreaded Sleeve Assembly (2002 to Present)
6c505-3010BSplit-Nut Assembly (included with WVS003)
7502-2011BSand Fill Guide
8505-2040BLateral and Manifold Assembly - 16" Filter
505-2050BLateral and Manifold Assembly - 19" Filter
505-2060BLateral and Manifold Assembly - 22" Filter
505-2080BLateral and Manifold Assembly - 26" Filter
8a505-2240-RBManifold Only - 16" Filter
505-2250-RBManifold Only - 19" Filter
505-2260-RBManifold Only - 22" Filter
9505-1930BLateral - Thread Style (2003 and Earlier)
505-1950BLateral - Twist-Lock Style (2004)
10505-2020BDrain Assembly (2004 and earlier)
11505-2030BDrain Cap Assembly (2004 and earlier)
11a602-5321BDrain Screen Cap (new style - 2001)
12820-0017B3⁄₈" Flat Washer
13819-0016B3⁄₈" Bolt -16 x 2" Hex - 22" & 26" Sand Filter
819-0019B3⁄₈" Bolt -16 x 1 1⁄2" Hex - 19" Sand Filter
819-0020B3⁄₈" Bolt -16 x 1 1⁄4" Hex - 16" Sand Filter
14805-0224BO-Ring - 1 1⁄2" Buttress x 1 1⁄2" MPT Fitting
15417-4161B1 1⁄2" Buttress x 1 1⁄2" MPT Tailpiece
16711-4000B1 1⁄2" Union Gasket
17550-1841BReturn Sweep Assembly
18872-0011BHose Clamp - Stainless Steel
19872-9002BCorrugated Hose - Black - 1 1⁄2" x 6 ft.
20550-1801BPVC Flex Hose Assembly - 16" Sand Filter
550-1811BPVC Flex Hose Assembly - 19" Sand Filter
550-1821BPVC Flex Hose Assembly - 22" Sand Filter
550-1831BPVC Flex Hose Assembly - 26" Sand Filter
21711-4010B2" Union Gasket
22425-1928BWaste Adapter Fitting
23672-7201BPump Base
24505-1970BCollar Wrench for Split-Nut Threaded Style
25672-7241BStandard One-Piece Base
26429-7300BReplacement Kit Pin and Anchor Assembly (4 required)

Multi-Port Valve Assembly Replacement Parts

ItemPart No.Description
1600-9600BMulti-Port Lid Assembly
1b600-9500BDiverter Valve Assembly with Gasket
1c805-0254BO-Ring - Lid
1d602-1931BLid Handle Only
1e711-1910BDiverter Gasket (Spider) (Note: purchasing gasket glued into diverter by factory recommended)
2819-0010BLid Screw
3820-0013BSerrated Hex Nut
4800-0100BSplit-Nut Bolt and Nut Kit
5800-0150BO-Ring Kit with Pin and Washer

Hard Pump Options

ItemPart No.Description
1400-4061B1 1⁄2" Socket Pump Union Assembly
2415-4001B1 1⁄2" Union Nut
3500-1901B1 1⁄2" Socket Return Sweep Assembly

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