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ClearWater II D.E. Filter

ClearWater II D.E. Filter Replacement Parts

ItemPart No.DescriptionList (US $)
1550-7500BFilter Nut Assembly104.19
1a519-7420BLock Tab - Clearwater II Filter - Extended Arms28.88
2805-0460BO-Ring - Lid19.57
3519-7601BHandle - Lid15.32
3a819-9002BScrew #12 x 3⁄4" Stainless Steel Phillips Head0.71
4830-4000SSBPressure Gauge**
4a805-0224BO-Ring - Gauge1.45
4b519-7431BPressure Gauge Adapter5.38
4c805-0117SDBO-Ring - Pressure Gauge Adapter**
5602-0201BAir Relief Knob10.17
5a805-0207BO-Ring - Air Relief Valve4.30
6519-7410BLid Assembly (Small)**
519-7400BLid Assembly (Large)**
7519-7441BGauge Lock-Nut18.50
8500-7310BScreen/Sock Assembly with Clamp18.08
9718-7219BTie Nut12.65
11519-7269BGrid Locator54.31
12550-7210BD.E. Replacement Grid (44 GPM) (set of 7 included)262.70
550-7220BD.E. Replacement Grid (67 GPM) (set of 7 included)337.69
13550-7100BBase Assembly - 12 sq. ft. (44 GPM)118.91
550-7120BBase Assembly - 18 sq. ft. (67 GPM)**
14515-7250BFilter Body623.52
15a417-6241BHose Adapter - 1 1⁄2" MPT x 1 1⁄2" hose3.74
16500-5300BDrain Assembly12.14
17429-7221BSnap Pin Base Fasteners (4 required)3.22
18672-7401BClearWater II Base187.42
519-7470BLid Removal Tool5.72
19419-7251Standard Base Coupling Assembly21.08
19a419-7241Standard Coupling16.05
19b415-50012" Union Nut4.01
19c711-40102" Union Gasket1.42
19d805-0224O-Ring - Couplng0.64

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