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Blower Sizing

Friction loss of water in feet of head per 100 foot length of pipe.

1. Calculate water depth in inches:

A. Actual water depth in injector= __________________
B. Add ½" of water per 90° elbow= __________________
C. Add 1⁄₈" of water per 45° elbow= __________________
D. Add 1" of water per 10 feet of 2" pipe= __________________
E. Add 4" of water per ½" spring check valve= __________________
TOTAL INCHES OF WATER= __________________

2. Find the airflow or SCFM provided by your blower:

A. On the Blower Performance Chart, find the number that corresponds to the total inches of water needed.
B. Read across the chart until you intersect the horsepower (HP), then go down for SCFM.
C. Take total SCFM and divide by 10 to get corresponding hole sizes.

3. Calculate the number of holes by using the Air Hole Sizing Chart:

Air Hole Sizing Chart

Air Hole SizeNumber of Holes Needed per 10 SCFM