Designed, Engineered & Manufactured in the U.S.A.

AquaShapes Swim Jet System & Deck Jets


  • 2.70HP high head pumps
  • High powered jets
  • Strip drains and air control
  • Assorted plumbing fixtures

Swim Jet Kits

Part No.DescriptionColor
545-9100Swim Jet Assy for GuniteWhite
545-9107Swim Jet Assy for GuniteGray
545-9200Swim Jet Assy for VinylWhite
545-9207Swim Jet Assy for VinylGray
545-9300Swim Jet Assy for FiberglassWhite
545-9307Swim Jet Assy for FiberglassGray


  • A complete AquaShapes Deck Jet Kit contains two pop-up deck jets
  • AquaShapes Deck Jets "pop-up" when in use, and retract flush to the ground when off
  • Designed to insert into 1 ½" Sch 40 pipe for easy installation and serviceability
  • AquaShapes Deck Jets operate at low flow, so no additional pumps are required

Part No.DescriptionColor
675-0727-2B2pk deck jet kitGray