Designed, Engineered & Manufactured in the U.S.A.


Part No.Flyer Description
002601Power Defender Booster Pump
002701Power Defender 110 Pump
002801Power Defender 140 Pump
002901Power Defender 165 Pump
003001Power Defender 225 Pump
003101Power Defender 270 Pump
003201Above Ground Hi-FloII and Power Defender VS
005801Tiny Might / Iron Might Pumps
006001Spa Flo II Pump
006101Viper Pump
006201Power Defender Energy Efficient EX2 Spa Pump
006301EX2 Pump
007501Simple Power Defender 110 Pump
007701Power Defender 350 Pump
008501Mustang 140 Pump
008601Mustang 270 Pump
009101Power Defender SVL 270
010201Executive 4 HP Pump

Filters & Filter Systems

Part No.Flyer Description
001301ClearWater II Cartridge & DE Systems
001401Carefree Sand & ClearWater Sand Filter
001501Crystal Water Cartridge & DE Filters
001601ProClean Plus Cartridge Filter & ProPack
001701TWM Filter Cartridge System & TWM-30 Above Ground Systems


Drains & Suctions

Part No.Flyer Description
00120110″ Ultra Retro Suction
001101Suction Load Washer


Part No.Flyer Description
807-1022Thread-in Gunite Jets
001901Air Max Spa Jets
004101SGMS Storm Jets
004301SGMS Ozone Cluster Jets
005201Load Washer Rip Current Swim Jets
005401Power Stream Swim Jets
005501Luxe Storm Jets
006501Omni Storm Jets
007401AquaShapes Deck Jets
007501Omni Gunite Storm Jets
008101Thread-In 1,2,3 Jet Manifolds & AquaShapes 1,2,3 Jet Manifolds
008201SGMS Micro Jets
008301Poly Gunite II Jets
008701Pulsar Foot Massage Jets
009801Power Pulsar Foot & Back Massage Jets
010101Hydroball Impulse Jets


Part No.Flyer Description
002401TruSeal Diverter and Check Valves
007001Service Logic Sand Filter Valve

Skimmers & Skim Filters

Part No.Flyer Description
004401Renegade Venturi In-Ground Skimmer
004501Renegade Gunite Skimmer
004601Renegade Bonded Skimmer
004701Reversible Skimmer Lid
004901Ultra Skim Filter XL with Weir Turbine
0094017 Degree Fiberglass Skimmer
009501Mirage Skim Filter

Chlorinators & Air Systems

Part No.Flyer Description
000901ClearWater VS Chlorinator
001001Air Systems
004301SGMS Micro Air Injector
006801SGMS Micro Floor Sweep

International Materials

Part No.Flyer Description
003001SPower Defender 225 – Spanish
006901SMF Pump International
007101Canadian Filter Systems
008501SMustang VS 140Pump – Spanish
008601SMustang VS 270 Pump– Spanish
009001Executive Euro Pump
150-8050-SClearWaterVS Chlorinator – Spanish
150-8050-FClearWaterVS Chlorinator – French
807-0024SCrystal Water DE Filters – Spanish
807-0025-SCrystal Water Cartridge Filters – Spanish
807-0025-FCrystal Water Cartridge Filters – French
807-0028-SCarefree Sand Filters – Spanish
807-0028-FCarefree Sand Filters – French
807-0044-SProClean Plus Cartridge & D.E. Cartridge Filter – Spanish
807-0044-FProClean Plus Cartridge & D.E. Cartridge Filter – French
807-0059-FViper Pumps – French
807-0100-SSMF Pump – Spanish
807-0100-FSMF Pump – French
807-0352-FSpa Steps – French
807-0352-FSpa Steps – French
807-2030-FNEO 2100 Spa Control System – French
807-2031-FNEO 1500 Spa Control System – French


Part No.Flyer Description
000601Universal Floating Pump Base
000701High Temp CPVC Male Adapter
000801Self Aligning Pump Union
002001(Pool) Hoses and Tubing
002101(Spa) Hoses and Tubing
002301Spa Steps
003301SGMS LED Cup Holder
003401SGMS Micro Water Feature
003601SGMS Ozone Return
003701SGMS Spa Pin Lights
003801SGMS Button Sconce Light
003901SGMS Topside Controls
004001SGMS LED Water Feature
004201SGMS Spa Lights
005101Spillover Waterfall
005601Cabinet Latch
005701LED Hourglass Sconce Light
007201Service Logic Soak Tank
007301Non-Adjustable Waterfall
007601SGMS LED Grommet
00770124″ Spillway Waterfall
007801Service Logic Split Nut
008001Vinyl Liner Pool Return Fitting
008401Louvered Spa Panel Vent
0092011″ Manifold
0093019″ Top Mount Waterfall
010301SGMS Sole Brite Pin Lights

Pool & Spa Controls

Part No.Flyer Description
002501OASIS Pool & Spa Control, NEO 1500 & NEO 2100 Spa Controls

Swim Spa Systems

Part No.Flyer Description
001801AquaShapes Swim Jet System
005301Variable Speed Swim Spa System


Part No.Flyer Description
807-0192VGB Drains, Grates & Suctions Brochure
807-1033D.O.E. Power Defender Variable Speed Pump Brochure
000302SGMS & Load Washer Brochure
000401D.O.E Compliant Pumps Worksheet
000501D.O.E Compliant Above Ground Systems
002201Pool Product Worksheet
006402Spa Pump Brochure
008902Spa White Goods Brochure
010602Service Logic Brochure