Designed, Engineered & Manufactured in the U.S.A.


Part No.Flyer Description
150-8010SVL56 Pump
150-8070Hi-Flo II Pump
807-0008Tiny Might / Iron Might Pumps
807-0059Viper Pump
807-0068EX2 Pump
807-0100SMF Pump
807-0128Power Defender SVL 300 VS Pump
807-0183Power Defender VS Booster Pump
807-0184Power Defender Exec VS & EX2 VS Spa Pump
807-0186Power Defender Energy Efficient EX2 Spa Pump
807-0187Power Defender 2 Pole  & 6 Pole Spa Pump
807-0188Power Defender Viper VS Pump
807-0354Adjustable Base & Pump / Cross Reference
807-2010Booster Pump
807-2410Power Defender 140
807-2420Power Defender 165
807-2430Power Defender 270

Filters & Filter Systems

Part No.Flyer Description
150-8120ClearWater II Cartridge Deluxe Systems
150-8130ClearWater Sand Deluxe Systems
807-0024Crystal Water DE Filters
807-0025Crystal Water Cartridge Filters
807-0028Carefree Sand Filters
807-0029Carefree Sand Deluxe Systems
807-0044ProClean Plus Cartridge and DE Cartridge Filters
807-0055TWM Sand Systems
807-0057TWM Cartridge Systems
807-0075ClearWater Sand Standard Systems
807-0089Carefree Sand Deluxe & Standard Filters
807-0095ClearWater II Cartridge Standard Systems
807-0107Above Ground Systems
807-0116Crystal Water Filters Hang Tag

Drains & Suctions

Part No.Flyer Description
807-0097VGB Drains, Grates & Suctions Booklet
807-0400VGB Drains & Grates Guide


Part No.Flyer Description
807-0800Power Stream Swim Jet
807-1022Thread-in Gunite Jets
807-9880HydroBall Carousel Jet
807-XXXXAir Max Spa Jet
807-XXXXSGMS Storm Jets
807-XXXXSGMS Ozone Cluster Jet


Part No.Flyer Description
807-0067TruSeal Diverter and Check Valves
807-1111TruSeal 3″ Check Valves

Skimmers & Skim Filters

Part No.Flyer Description
807-0036Renegade Venturi In-Ground Skimmer
807-0078Renegade Gunite Skimmer
807-XXXXRenegade Bonded Skimmer

Chlorinators & Air Systems

Part No.Flyer Description
150-8050ClearWater VS Chlorinator
807-0344SGMS Micro Air Injector
807-8410Air Systems

Foreign Language Materials

Part No.Flyer Description
150-8010SSVL56 Pumps – Spanish
150-8010FSVL56 Pumps – French
150-8050-SClearWaterVS Chlorinator – Spanish
150-8050-FClearWaterVS Chlorinator – French
807-0024SCrystal Water DE Filters – Spanish
807-0025-SCrystal Water Cartridge Filters – Spanish
807-0025-FCrystal Water Cartridge Filters – French
807-0028-SCarefree Sand Filters – Spanish
807-0028-FCarefree Sand Filters – French
807-0042-SChampion Pumps – Spanish
807-0042-FChampion Pumps – French
807-0044-SProClean Plus Cartridge & D.E. Cartridge Filter – Spanish
807-0044-FProClean Plus Cartridge & D.E. Cartridge Filter – French
807-0059-FViper Pumps – French
807-0100-SSMF Pump – Spanish
807-0100-FSMF Pump – French
807-0352-FSpa Steps – French
807-1021-FPower Defender Econo Flo Series Pumps – French
807-2030-FNEO 2100 Spa Control System – French
807-2031-FNEO 1500 Spa Control System – French
807-2032-FNEO 1200 Spa Control System – French


Part No.Flyer Description
807-0062P(Pool) Hoses and Tubing
807-0062S(Spa) Hoses and Tubing
807-0341SGMS LED Cup Holder
807-0346SGMS Ozone Return
807-0352Spa Steps
807-0410SGMS Pin Lights
807-0420Button Sconce Light
807-1210SGMS Topside Controls
807-9200SGMS LED Water Feature
807-XXXXHigh Temp CPVC Male Adapter
807-XXXXSelf Aligning Pump Union
807-XXXXUniversal Floating Pump Base
807-XXXXSGMS Spa Lights
807-XXXXSuction Load Washer

Pool & Spa Controls

Part No.Flyer Description
807-2033OASIS Pool & Spa Control
Part No.Flyer Description
807-0500TP500 TouchScreen
807-1029Variable Speed Swim Spa System
807-2030NEO 2100 – Spa Control System
807-2031NEO 1500 – Spa Control System
807-2032NEO 1200 – Spa Control System
807-2035 NEO 2100/1500/1100 – Spa Control Configurations Guide


Part No.Flyer Description
807-0120Pool Product Worksheet