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Why will my pool not stay clean/clear?

  1. Out of balance pool water can permit algae to grow or make water cloudy. Take a pool water sample to your local pool/spa professional or dealer and have it tested to ensure that your pool water is properly balanced.
  2. If your filter is dirty, the flow of water through your filter may be low causing your pool water problem. It might be necessary to backwash or disassemble the filter for a thorough cleaning. If the filter has just been installed, check to ensure the plumbing was installed correctly.
  3. Filter operation cycle may not be long enough to thoroughly clean the pool. Try running the filter for 24 hours, then re-adjust the running time to a shorter cycle. The circulation time required to keep a pool clean and clear varies due to bather load, water temperature, sunlight, and proper pool chemistry. It might take some time to find the appropriate circulation time for your pool based on these variables.

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Posted by: admin on June 22, 2011 @ 11:39 pm
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