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Why is there sand at the bottom of my pool?

The sand you are using could be too small. Sand that is too small can travel through the laterals in the bottom of your filter and back to the pool. #20 silica sand, 0.45-0.55mm in size, is required. This can be obtained through your local pool/spa professional or dealer.

Prior to adding sand, remember to always remove a lateral (it unthreads or unlocks) from the hub assembly at the bottom of the filter. Try putting some of the sand you are going to add inside the lateral. Other than debris sand (fines), 99% of the sand should stay inside the lateral. If most of the sand comes through the holes of the lateral, the sand is too small.

Your pump may be too large or the sand level too high in the filter. When the filter is backwashing. the water flow can cause the sand to rise high enough and overflow into the standpipe, which will allow the sand back into the pool. Refer to the Waterway owners guide or the filter label for the correct amount of sand for your filter.

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Posted by: admin on June 23, 2011 @ 6:43 pm
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