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Why is my pump noisy?

The motor has an internal cooling fan that can be heard. When installing your pump, it is advised to carefully consider the location; under a bedroom window may not be an ideal location.

Vibration from the pump’s feet and the base (where the pump rests) can cause the pump to be noisy. A piece of old carpet or rubber between the pump’s base and equipment pad might reduce the noise.

Ensure the pump is level and the suction lines are not higher then the pump.

The bearing(s) might be noisy due to age or high concentrations of chemicals and heat. A leaky pump seal could damage the front motor bearing. It is very important to quickly repair any leaks around the pump to prevent extensive damage. It is recommended that you replace the bearings or the entire motor. Contact an Authorized Pool/Spa Professional or Dealer for repair.

Many times a noisy pump can come from cavitations (starving the pump). Cavitations have two possible causes, which are both hydraulically (water flow) related. The first is that the suction piping is undersized. If this pipe is undersized, the amount of water the pump requires to operate properly is reduced. Increasing the pipe size (increase water flow) or dropping the size of the impeller (decrease water flow) can quiet the pump. The second is that there is little or no backpressure on the pressure side of system (water feature pumps are a good example). Adding a valve or something to increase backpressure is advised.

For all of the above, it may be necessary to contact an authorized pool/spa professional or dealer for assistance.

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