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Why are there air bubbles flowing into the pool from the return fitting(s)?

If air is returning into the pool there might be a leak on the suction side of the pump. It may be necessary to contact a local authorized pool/spa or dealer for repair. Check the following items that maybe causing air to enter the system:

  1. The strainer cover and O-ring. Tighten if loose or replace gasket if damaged.
  2. Level of water in the pool is low, causing water and air to mix into the skimmer.
  3. The skimmer weir may be stuck in the up position causing water and air to mix in the skimmer.
  4. Check the drain plugs on the pump strainer housing.
  5. Check all of the threaded fittings for leaks from improper sealants or sealing procedures.
  6. Check glued fittings for bad glue joints.
  7. Check all valves for possible leaks. Valve stem O-rings are a common suction leak point.
  8. Check and ensure the pump is not cavitating.
  9. Check pump housing for cracks.
  10. On a new installation or start up you may have bubbles returning for a short period of time. Make sure the air relief valve is open. Close it when you have a steady flow of water coming out of the air relief.

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