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What are the functions on the multi-port valve?

Filter – Allows the water to flow through the filter media and then directs the water to the return lines and back to the pool.

Backwash – When the filter pressure rises 8-10 pounds over the clean starting pressure, the water is directed through the filter in the opposite direction of “Filter”. This enables the dirty water and debris to be removed from the filter.

Waste – The water is directed from the pump, through the multi-port valve and out of the waste line (the water never enters the filter tank).

Re-Circulate – The water enters the valve and returns into the pool (the water never enters the filter tank).

Rinse – Mainly used with sand filters. After backwashing run the filter in the rinse position, this will clear the plumbing lines from any remaining debris left after backwashing and resets the sand bed.

Closed – This position will not allow water flow through the valve.

Winter – Used when winterizing. This position is between two other positions and allows water to flow in all directions. This is used to prevent water being trapped in the valve that could freeze and crack the valve.

Multi-Port Valve Instruction Manual – 810-0066

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