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My above-ground pump will not fill with water (prime).

Above ground pumps are not self-priming and need to be placed below the water source. This allows the water to drain into the pump, which is known as a flooded suction.

You may have an air lock in the pump trap (turn the pump off). Once you remove the pump lid with the valve (if installed) closed for maintenance, you will need to open the valve with the lid on and slowly turn the lid counterclockwise just enough where the air in the trap will release and the trap will fill up with water. Close it once full and open the air relief on the filter. Once the system is ready to be started, restart the pump. Close air relief on the filter once you have a steady stream of water flowing out the air relief.

The impeller inside the pump volute may be broken or have come off the shaft.

There may be a blockage in the skimmer or the hose connecting the skimmer to the pump inlet.

The water level may be below the skimmer.

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Posted by: admin on June 23, 2011 @ 7:27 pm
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