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How do I add D.E. and how often do I need to change my D.E.?

D.E. is added through the skimmer with the pump running. Each filter has a different requirement of D.E. At initial start up or after a thorough cleaning, the filter will need to be pre-coated with D.E. The filter label will state the amount of D.E. required. Start the pump and once the pump is fully primed, slowly add the D.E. into the skimmer. The pump will draw in the D.E. and send it into the filter, where it coats the grids. Once the require amount of D.E. is added, take a reading of the filter’s pressure gauge. This is the clean starting pressure of the filter. When the pressure rises 8-10 PSI above the starting pressure, it is time to backwash or clean the filter. After the filter is backwashed or thoroughly cleaned, by taking it apart and hosing it out, you will need to pre-coat the filter again with the entire amount of D.E. stated on the filter label.

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